Kenny’s Vow:
“I will always treat your dog the way I treat my own.”

Luna – Kenny’s faithful companion
Mojo – Kenny’s new addition

I love living in Austin, Texas as it is the most dog-friendly city I have ever lived in. There is not just an abundance of dog parks here, but so many restaurants, bars and stores where you are allowed to bring your dog. That makes dog training here particularly vital as, with all those dogs constantly running into each other, you want to make sure there are never any negative consequences.

I approach dog training the way I approach everything else; with careful balance. I believe dogs should always be set up to succeed and should always be rewarded for doing so. That said, dogs demand structure as well. Your dog needs to know that you are the decision maker or you can end up with a “dominance by default” issue. That is a dog who, because no one else has taken charge, feels he has to take charge himself. So you must always set the rules but your dog must also always be able to trust that you have their best interests at heart. Consistency is critical when it comes to training your dog. Your dog must know for example, that they are never allowed to dig in the trash. It is equally important that training always be a fun event for the dog. A properly trained dog will not only be a dog that is much more manageable, it will also be a dog that is much more confident and comfortable in his surroundings. That is why basic obedience training is essential for all dogs.